Chermia Mathis        |       Andrew Scialabba        |       Bowen Xing
SolSearcher is an open network platform designed to comprehensively provide customers with a space to learn, connect and compare quotes for solar installers. This website was built for clients who are interested in solar energy, but may not know where to start.
We understand that there are many existing solar databases for potential clients to use, therefore, in the process book we will explore our methods to achieve innovation in this industry. 
The solar power industry reaches across several sectors, from engineering companies that manufacture equipment to government agencies that impose regulations and tax rebates. 
We decided to keep the consumer at the center of our focus, mainly exploring their relationships with solar panel installers and their utility companies.
We began to explore a few existing companies that exist within this industry in order to evaluate their business strategies and more specific value exchanges that. This allowed us to better understand how our companies' offerings could stand against other existing platforms. 
The interviews were conducted with 4 participants identified as being key stakeholders: the consumer, the utility company & a solar expert. We followed an interview guide to get a better understanding on what the process is for obtaining solar panels, any problems that may exist in installation, maintenance, and any other areas that may be revealed. Lastly, three personas were developed after synthesizing the information from the interviews.

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