This project stemmed from a graduate studio course focusing on developing experiences through discovery research techniques and storyboarding. The topic was an exploratory attempt at reimagining a space that I have experience within, but could still redesign based on other user input. 
To begin the process, I conducted several rapid fire interviews to gather general opinion on this space. Then, conducted 4 formal interviews to dig deeper into better understanding frustrations and workarounds, thus, developing one persona based on those commonalities.
Journey Map
From the persona, I was able to plot the general user experience and included notes on gain & pain points. Most frustrations occurred during the processes of connecting, positioning and in navigation whilst in the shower. After a brief market analysis to get a glance of what's out, I developed a value proposition to outline the direction for the project moving forwards.

Concept Generation
The concept generation process began with thumbnailing, then I narrowed it down to the unique options listed below. I sat down with the participants that I interviewed earlier in the process, and presented them with the 5 concepts. They gave me feedback on features they preferred and ways to push the ideas forward. Concepts 1 & 5 received the most positive feedback, so the final concept is the combination of the two.​​​​​​​
Final Concept 
The new process is depicted in the storyboard below. The final design is simple in form, as the focus was more so on the experience of setting it up and navigating the physical interface while in the shower. The system of this shower speaker would use the process of virtual surround sound when properly positioned in the shower as shown in the the diagrams below, as well.
One of the most unique feature of this shower speaker is the projection capabilities and the use of virtual surround sound. These two features are demonstrated in the left diagram.

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