A Hotel Guestbook Reimagined

Chermia Mathis               ID | Fabrication 
     Irene Ong           HCI | Coding
     Jacqueline Taylor           ME | Sound Design
             Ruolin Yang           HCI | Visualization
The Opportunity
As part of our efforts to create authentic, personalized guest experiences that revitalize the emotional and intimate connection large hotel chains tend to lack, we created a mediatectural guestbook that allows travelers to leave their personal marks and inspire one another towards adventure through personal connections.

The installation would be located in a hotel lobby to display the interweaving of threads. Each thread represents one traveler and is reactive based on their answers to questions that probe their travel experience. Every choice changes a specific element (tempo, instrument, pitch, etc.) of a tune to produce a short song personally customized to be played in elevators and upon entry into their hotel room, giving guests a uniquely intimate experience. 

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